The Easiest Way to Sanitize Your Bed Sheets


Now more than ever, we are cautious about germs and how they are spreading in our homes. we have stocked up on cleaning supplies in response to the pandemic, but how can we sanitize our linens and other garments that won’t simply go through the washer?

Those bulky blankets and comforters that are used year-round can accumulate many germs, which most of us don’t think to clean regularly. Contrary to popular belief, a simple hand wash with soap and warm water is enough to kill most germs that linger on your clothes and linens. While this is a great way to clean your fabrics, you might want to get used to doing this simple extra step that will help you sleep better at night knowing your sheets are pristine.

The solution for proper sanitation comes from an appliance you probably already have in your home: a steamer or iron. Although it may be a little more time consuming, it is a great way to ensure that most harmful bacteria are removed from soft surfaces. You can use your steamer to reach a temperature of at least 167 degrees, which is the minimum temperature that effectively kills germs. Simply run your steamer over the mattress, duvet, or other large garment. If using an iron, make sure it is set to the steam setting, since it is the steam soaking into the material that does the sanitizing.

For best results, you can drape your linens over a clothes line or shower rod to access every spot. Just make sure to let sheets dry before putting them back on your bed!

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