Custom Home Builders

Custom Home Builders are a unique group of “specialists” who build one-of-a-kind homes that are designed for specific clients and for a particular location. Based on what our clients have shared with us, these Custom Home Builders want to build beautiful masterpieces, within budget, and on time. And when they are done, the last thing needed is a thorough, post-construction cleaning from our team.

While under construction, it is common for windows to get covered with paint, stucco, or plaster, and most may still have stickers on them from the factory. Our technicians are trained to clean these windows without damaging them or scratching them, and making sure they are ready for move-in day. We clean all types of glass and frames, including:

Window Washing and Glass Cleaning

  • beveled glass
  • tempered glass
  • high performance glass
  • tinted glass
  • stained glass

Cleaning Window Frames and Door Frames

  • anodized aluminum frames
  • wood frames
  • vinyl clad frames
  • metal clad frames
  • steel frames

During post-construction cleaning, or final cleaning, SoCal Cleaning & Restoration makes sure that every square inch of the new home is thoroughly cleaned and vacuumed.

While final cleaning, we always:

  • Machine scrub all stone floors
  • Vacuum all carpeted floors
  • Remove dirt and dust from all
    • bath tubs
    • tiles
    • mirrors
    • cabinets
    • flooring
    • moldings
    • windows
    • hardware
    • lights and fixtures
    • other surfaces

We also offer:

  • Hardscape Powerwashing

We guarantee to transform the entire home from a construction site to a home ready for the owners to move in to.