Sustainability at SoCal Cleaning

We are so lucky to live in beautiful Orange County- so let’s keep it that way! At SoCal Cleaning and Restoration, we are conscious of our impact on the environment and do our best to limit our footprint. In honor of celebrating Earth day, here are a few things we do every day to live sustainably and protect our planet:

  • Nontoxic products: We take pride in knowing that all of our cleaning products are nontoxic and water-based. We never use harmful chemicals in your home unless you specifically request a certain product to be used on a stain or designated area.
  • Reduce fossil fuels: We like to keep it local, and service our neighbors in the greater Orange County area to limit excessive travel time. Our crew always carpool to each job site in order to limit the number of vehicles used and reduce fossil fuel usage.
  • Water usage: Pressure washing outdoor areas can use a lot of water for large outdoor spaces. We are mindful with our usage and are as efficient as possible to not be wasteful with water usage.

We encourage you to also be aware of your environmental impact and make choices in your daily life that promote sustainable living.