Mold Remediation

If your home or business has suffered from a water leak, it is not uncommon to find mold spores starting to grow in as little as two (2) days following the water damage.

SoCal Cleaning and Restoration works with 3rd party independent Certified Indoor Hygienists who will come out and take samples from your home or business for evaluation. These samples are then analyzed in a laboratory or occasionally on site. 

The mold analysis is performed through two methods:

  • microscopy (visual), and
  • culturing (growing).

When mold is analyzed through microscopy, the lab can determine the genus (type) of the mold. When necessary, culturing the mold can precisely determine subspecies.

Microscopy is the preferred method of sampling because it is the least expensive and offers speedy analysis – typically within two days. Culturing mold samples in Petri dishes can take weeks and increase laboratory costs.

The results of analysis can determine if the mold is allergenic, pathogenic, toxigenic, or a combination of these.

Hygienists, also referred to as Industrial Hygienists, are specialists who tend to approach indoor mold conditions primarily from a scientific perspective.

The important thing to remember is that all indoor mold can affect the health of humans and pets to various degrees and should be addressed cautiously regardless of the species.

Testing is Not Inspection. And an industrial hygiene credential does not mean that the hygienist has been trained in the remediation (safe removal) of mold, nor does it mean they are trained in the area of building construction.

A thorough inspection of the home or business is almost always needed to properly determine the conditions that caused mold, or contributed to indoor mold growth, and to correctly determine mitigation and removal solutions.

SoCal Cleaning technicians are certified in the safe and effective removal of mold. We are available and on call 24-hours a day, 7-days a week.